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Week 3
We will be discussing how to release both fear and ego using our mind and also learn how to fully embrace the light through Guided Meditation.


Week 4
We will be connecting to infinite love and light and learn how to journey, learn also how to receive guidance in our life. Learn how to connect to spirit guides and our loved one’s who have crossed over.


Week 5
Fully connected to your spirit and collective consciousness, we will be discussing and evaluating your progress your feelings and emotions. Learn how to connect all of your chakra’s and feel your energy body.


What to expect during the individual sessions and group sessions.

The complete session is 5 weeks in length, once per/week over the phone or via skype for ~ 1 hour.

Each week you will learn techniques to connect to your inner self and begin the transition in how

you feel each and every day while practicing Jonathan’s techniques. Each week we will

focus on different topic’s

Week 1
Inner peace techniques and conscious conversation to feel tranquility within, how to clear and

ground emotions through guided meditation.

Week 2
We will learn how to connect the heart to feel pure bliss from the inside and you will begin to see

your life transform. Guided meditation and walking meditation techniques will also be discussed.

What does consciousness feel like?

Consciousness is pure love and bliss as it connects to your inner self. When fully embracing the light you will notice a major shift in your life. As a result, you will attract new relationships and career opportunities, you will be fully aligned with spirit more than ever.

Who is god?

We are all connected, god is apart of us and we are a part of god.  Take your Power back today, contact us today .

“Connect to your spirit” this is your journey into the light”

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